Dr. Campbell-McBride’s startling words

I had the good fortune to attend the first GAPS™ Practitioner training in October 2011 then the first follow-up training Dr. Campbell-McBride offered in November 2014, just after the Weston A. Price conference held in Indianapolis.

I was quite shocked by Dr. Natasha’s prognostications offered to the 2014 gathering.  I’ll summarize the gist of her opening remarks:

  • Her patients are getting sicker and more resistant to treatment.  What worked 15 years ago in her practice no longer works as well.

  • Children are coming to her much more critically ill than ever before and even the GAPS™ Intro diet is not working for many of them.  They are actually needing a no-plant diet to heal.  This includes no grains fed to the animals which produce the meat and eggs consumed by these children.

  • She stated that we (westernized, modern humans) have found a way to destroy ourselves and we are doing that more quickly and efficiently through chronic disease and inability to reproduce easily.

  • She thinks by 2020 there will be 1 in 2 children with neurological problems on the autism spectrum.

  • She thinks it will be only one or two more generations before young people are unable to successfully conceive a baby.

Such predictions are shocking but every GAPS™ practitioner in the room knew she was right.  We all see it coming and are experiencing the same phenomenon in our own practices.  The good news is that if we (humankind) begin to wake up and choose a simpler, cleaner life we may be able to salvage a remnant of healthy humans that can continue to reproduce.  It sounds dire but I believe we must begin to pay attention before it’s too late.



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